SK6M Contest Team, Sweden

The Contest Station SK6M have now, no permanent QTH. Contests will be worked from Axvall or Tjörn Isl. 


Webmaster is Jan SM7NDX. He can be reached via e-mail: [his callsign] at









October 11, The SK6M Contest Team will once again operate the CQWW CW Contest from Nobol, Guayas, Ecuador

More info to come on the HC 2010-page


September 5, Pictures from the weekend in June, when we dismounted the antennas in Stenstorp. See "Pictures"

July 26, We took part in the IOTA Contest from Tjörn Isl EU-043.

June 14, All antennas in Stenstorp are dismounted. We have now, no permanent QTH for SK6M.


September 20 - 21, We took part in the SAC CW Contest from SK7AX in Huskvarna. Tnx SVARK!

August 26, SM6DYK SK

June 11, Updated "Contests" with the SAC 2007 result

March 17,The SK6M Contest Team will operate the 2008 CQWW CW Contest from Nobol, Guayas, Ecuador

More info on the HC 2008-page

March 15, Added "Antennas"

March 2, Added more pages

February 29, The birth of this site.


 SK6M Contest Team